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Goals of Steppingstone Counseling

The central goal that I have in meeting with my clients is to assist them in finding more happiness and freedom in their lives. The intention I have is to explore with you your desire to have a more healthy balance in the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of your life.


 A central question that I keep in mind is: ”How can I be helpful?” I encourage my clients to make overall goals for our counseling relationship as well as for each appointment. When I meet with my clients, my hope is to create together an atmosphere of safety, respect and trust. My focus is to encourage my clients’ exploration of their own personal power, wisdom and resources for understanding, healing and happiness.

Individual, Couple, & Family Counseling

I provide child, individual, couple and family counseling and psychotherapy.

Conflict Reduction & Mediation

I assist in resolving couple, family, and organizational disputes as a conflict mediator.

Elder Care & Hospice Consultation

I help develop compassionate plans for elder care, hospice, and other life transitions.  

Shamanic Journeying

I offer Shamanic  journeying, informed by traditional Northwest Coast practices.

Clinical Supervision

 I provide supervision to other therapists and social workers.

My focus is to arrive at a creative balance of therapeutic approaches that best matches each client’s needs.


The therapeutic approaches I offer include:

  • trauma recovery

  • mindfulness training

  • stress and anger management

  • grief work

  • cognitive & behavioral therapy

  • insight work

  • hypnotherapy

  • creative imagery

  • play therapy

  • Jungian dream work

  • substance abuse and sexual addiction recovery

  • family of origin

  • family systems

  • ritual & ceremony development

  • adventure-based education


Appointments are $140.00 per session*


*I offer a sliding scale for individuals and families for whom my cost is prohibitive.

My sliding scale is from $75-140 per session.




I accept insurance claims for my services, including:

Veteran's Choice Tricare, Regents Blue Shield, and Molina.


All sessions billed through insurance are at a flat rate of $140 per session.

Booking a Session

A session with Steppingstone is a 1-hour appointment* 

*Longer sessions can be arranged upon request.


I can meet you in person at my office, or via Vsee, Skype, or FaceTime. 


Schedule:  Monday - Thursday


I have an initial phone call with each new client to talk about what you are looking for, and to get a feel for what services will be a good fit with your goals.


Call me at (360) 376-4222 to discuss my services, and to book a session. 


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