I am licensed in Washington State as an Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), and have extensive experience and training in marriage and family psycotherapy.


I have provided mediation services since 1985, and am a Designated Mediator in San Juan County, Washington State. I have also offered hospice care giving and elder care as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

I offer a range of mediation, psychotherapy, and counseling work through my private practice, Steppingstone Counseling.


How I Can

Help You

Individual, Couple, & Family Counseling

I provide child, individual, couple and family counseling and psychotherapy.

Conflict Reduction & Mediation

I assist in resolving couple, family, and organizational disputes as a conflict mediator.

Elder Care & Hospice Consultation

I help develop compassionate plans for elder care, hospice, and other life transitions.  

Shamanic Journeying

I offer Shamanic journeying, informed by traditional Northwest Coast practices.

A central question that I keep in mind when meeting with my clients is: ”How can I be helpful?”



Che Blaine


Phone:   360-376-4222​

*Please leave a voicemail at the above number. This is the best method of contacting me for an appointment. I check and respond to messages promptly.


Orcas Island

Eastsound, WA 98245

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