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My name is Che Blaine.


I am licensed in Washington State as an Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), and have extensive experience and training in marriage and family psychotherapy.


I have provided mediation services since 1985, and am a Designated Mediator in San Juan County, Washington State. I have also offered hospice care giving and elder care as a Certified Nursing Assistant. My work as a counselor began in Alaska in 1979. I have practiced at the Healing Arts Center on Orcas Island since 1993.

  • LICSW (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker)

  • Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC)

  • Masters of Social Work (MSW)

  • Masters of Science, Biology (MS)

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) I have been formerly licensed in WA state, and this licensure can be reactivated.

  • Director of Social Services, Life Care Center of San Juan Islands (2014 - 2017)

  • Designated Mental Health Professional in San Juan County, Compass Health (2014 - 2017)

  • Certified Nursing Assistant, Life Care Center of San Juan Islands (2011 - 2014)

  • Counselor, Mediator, and Social Worker, Steppingstone Counseling Private Practice, Healing Arts Center (1993 - Present)

Helping my clients find more happiness and freedom in their lives.

I offer a range of mediation, psychotherapy, and counseling work through my private practice, Steppingstone Counseling.

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